March-July 2023

All morning services at Holy Trinity Church, Eggleston and The Pathway,Middleton start at 10.30am

Services at St James the Less, Forest are at 3.00pm


5th   Lent Eucharist- The Pathway

12th Morning Prayer in Lent- Eggleston

       BCPEvening Prayer – Forest

19th Lent Eucharist – Eggleston

26th Lent Eucharist – Eggleston


2nd Palm Sunday – 10.30 at The Pathway


Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th - 

      There will be a half hour service of Reflection at Eggleston at 7.00pm

6th Maundy Thursday 7.00pm at The Pathway

7th Good Friday The Last Hour 2.00pm at Eggleston

9th  Easter DayEucharist – Eggleston

      EasterDay BCP Holy Communion-Forest

16th Easter 2 Eucharist-Eggleston

23rd Easter 3 Eucharist -Eggleston

30th Upper Teesdale Churches Together Service TBA


7th  Eucharist- ThePathway

14th Morning Prayer- Eggleston

       EveningPrayer- Forest

21st Eucharist-Eggleston

28th Pentecost- Eucharist- Eggleston


4th   Trinity Sunday -Eucharist- The Pathway

4th   Flower Festival Service 5.00pm-Eggleston

11th Morning Prayer-Eggleston

       HolyCommunion- Forest

18th Eucharist-Eggleston

25th Eucharist- Eggleston with the Archdeacon of Auckland, Rick Simpson