Prayers created by those who came to the Eggleston Village Harvest Festival on 9thOctober

H- Lord, we thank you for our Health and Happiness and for the Hope we have in you.

We pray for those who feel Hopeless, for whom life is Hard.

We pray for those living with Hatred and for those whose situations are Hidden from the world.  

A- Lord, our world is Amazing, we are so blessed to have food in Abundance and Ample choice.

We remember those whose land is Arid and whose Harvest has failed

R- Lord, we Rejoice in all we have Received.

Help us to learn new ways to Respect our world by Recycling, Re-using and Reducing our consumption of valuable Resources. Help us always to do what is Right and to beResponsible disciples.

V- Lord, thank you for all the very good Vegetables we grow and the Variety of produce we enjoy.

Give us a Voice to campaign against Violence,against injustice affecting the most Vulnerable.

Help us to Value all that you have made.......even the Vulture, the Viper and the Vampire Bat.

E- Lord, Harvest reminds us that there is Enough food for Everyone and that Everyone has something we can Enjoy,

and that we produce somethings that others can Enjoy......oh yes.....

And thank you for Earthworms and Ewes and Earwigs too.

S- Lord, we celebrate the Songbirds and all those who Sing.

Thank you for the Seasons, for Springtime and Summer Sunshine.

And for Shepherds and Sheep.

Help us to seek you Lord in the Silence and in the Stillness,

that our Spirit may never be Separated from your Holy Spirit.

T- Thank you Lord. Give us a longing to Tackle poverty and actively support fair-Trade.

Lord, we put our Trust in you.

Stir us up that we may Truly make a difference Today and every day.